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Hi all,

I’ve decided that I will be using a new blog from now on. I won’t be deleting this one quite yet, but I’ll eventually get to it. Just going to start fresh. I will not post my new blog for my own personal reasons, but if you would like to continue following me, I can privately message you my URL. It’s been a fab nearly-two years!


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This was taken inside Ye Cracke pub, circa 1958. John Lennon and Stuart were known to hang out there quite a bit.
June 19 2012 - 72 Notes

Hearing about Victor Spinetti’s death is like hearing that a family member just died. We just have that special connection with him, seeing him in all of the movies, his friendship with the Beatles…it’s rather heartbreaking. Rest in peace, Victor.

June 19 2012 - 3 Notes

Joan Crawford, photographed November 1926.
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